Our Services

image8_fsDonjon Recycling purchases scrap metal from the general public, corporations, industrial manufacturers, scrap dealers, construction / demolition contractors, auto wreckers, and more.

Doing business with Donjon is easy! Our services include:


Scrap Metal Processing:

o Two convenient locations (NY and NJ) with modern unloading equipment and convenient hours.

o Scales are State certified and routinely calibrated, ensuring customer’s loads are accurately weighed.

o Quick, convenient payment.

o Dedicated staff, equipment and processing times for large volume accounts.

Special Services, Call To Discuss:

o Onsite equipment like mobile cranes and shears for specific reclamation projects and other material handling  needs.sign edited


Scrap Management Programs:

o Onsite containers and scheduled pick-up service.

o Transportation and logistics.


Bulk and Container Shipment:

o Access to ports which provide access to global markets.

o Access to major highways, rail and coastal routes throughout North America.

o Experienced operational and logistics teams ensure efficient material handling and delivery.

o Investments in innovative technology produce high quality material.


Environmental Stewardship:

o Committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner.

o Investments in state-of-the-art technologies to maintain air, water and land quality.

o Practice sustainable recycling throughout our facilities, minimizing landfill waste.

o Experienced handling of hazardous and other materials.