Procedures & FAQs


  • IMG_8970Proper Identification is REQUIRED from anyone bringing scrap metal to our facility.
  • For your safety, the speed limit in our yards is 5 MPH.
  • Trash/garbage must be disposed of in appropriate containers.
  • Please do not use storm drains or sanitary sewers for the disposal of any waste.


Q: Will Donjon Recycling pay me cash for scrap metal?
A: Yes.  Immediate cash payments are available for all types of clients. Some limitations may apply; see the office for details.

Q: What rates do you pay for each type of metal?
A: Metal commodity rates change on a daily basis.  We will offer the highest possible price at all times; See contact us for details.

Q: What information do I need to provide in order to do business with Donjon Recycling?
A: Individuals bringing scrap to our location for cash payment are required by law to present a valid driver’s license.  All personal information is held in the strictest confidence. Businesses wishing to establish an account with Donjon Recycling will need to provide a full business name and address and at least two (2) points of contact information (phone, email, etc.)

Q: Why do you need my ID?
A: Donjon Recycling supports the efforts of local and state law enforcement authorities to reduce the theft and resale of metal products. It is our policy NOT to accept stolen property for purchase. We thank you for your understanding and welcome your cooperation to support this initiative.

Q: What is the process for bringing materials to one of Donjon Recycling’s locations?
A: Donjon Recycling prides itself on serving all types of clients in a prompt, friendly and professional manner.  When you visit our facility, our staff will guide you through the process as quickly as possible.

Q: What metals/materials will Donjon Recycling accept/not accept?
A: Donjon Recycling accepts most items made from ferrous or non-ferrous metals, and our scope of operations includes nearly anything from strings of holiday lights to barges brought in for dismantling at our Staten Island location. See our lists of accepted and prohibited materials for details.

Q: Does Donjon Recycling have roll-off containers available for my business?
A: Yes. We will stage a container at your business or construction site and remove it at your request.  Contact us for details and a quote.

Q: Does Donjon Recycling accept appliances?
A: Yes.  We have a comprehensive program to accept all end-of-life appliances.  All chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) must be removed from refrigeration and air conditioning units.

Q: Does Donjon Recycling accept demolition or general construction debris?
A: No.  We accept scrap metal only.  See our Accepted and Prohibited Materials page.