For decades, the Donjon Recycling facility on Arthur Kill Road has been a Staten Island landmark.

As World War II drew to a close, a large number of seagoing vessels were retired from service and slated for dismantling and salvage.  Donjon’s facility began operations to answer that need, and continues in the business of scrapping barges and other vessels to this day.

Needs have changed over the decades, and Donjon’s capabilities have grown to answer those needs. The Staten Island facility now offers full-service ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal capabilities.

In 2007, Donjon Recycling also expanded to a second location in Dover, New Jersey, taking over the former Conca & Maviglia (C&M) Metals facility.

In addition, Donjon has now expanded to feature a wholesale trade division in which we act as a clearinghouse for a network of other dealer facilities to both domestic and international markets.

Much has changed over the years, as Donjon now recycles items that hadn’t been dreamed of when the salvage facility was first opened but from barges to scrap metal to appliances, Donjon remains committed to safe, environmentally responsible recycling.  Whatever your recycling needs, you can be sure that your materials will be handled safely and in compliance with all local and state regulations.

At Donjon Recycling, we combine many decades of history with cutting-edge processes to answer the most current needs. For your personal or business recycling, trust Donjon Recycling.

Over many decades, our mission remains the same.

Donjon Recycling is committed to maintaining and expanding our 70-year history of safe and environmentally responsible recycling of metals from household, corporate and construction clients.

Our daily goal is to deliver a customer-friendly experience for both consumers and businesses.  Regardless of the size or type of project, we are dedicated to managing recycling needs in a way that respects both our customers and our planet.

One of the hallmarks of our Staten Island location is the ship ‘graveyard,’ which dates to the days following World War II.

We receive many inquiries from amateur and professional photographers and filmmakers requesting access to the graveyard from our property.  Unfortunately, we are unable to grant such requests.  Donjon Recycling is an operational scrap facility utilizing heavy equipment, and safety regulations prohibit us from allowing photography of any kind.

Filmmakers interested in obtaining special permission may Contact the Donjon Recycling offices.

Thank you for your understanding.